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My name is Thomas Charles Bresh and I am a creator. My educators were among the very best. My father was a musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist. His name was Merle Travis. My dad was a photographer and his name was Bud Bresh. Mom played the piano and her name was Ruth. I was raised on the most photographed movie ranch of its time. Most of my friends were entertainers, musicians, actors or stunt people. My life has been filled with many different influences. Because the influences were all part of the “Arts”, they felt natural to me and I embraced them. I have played music for as long as I can remember, which made me a lover of sound and the art of recording it. Helping my dad in the darkroom and being raised on movie sets, gave me the love of film and light and the experts were always teaching if you listened. I have created a lot of “stuff” in my day. I would like to share some of this “Bresh Stuff” with you.
Thom Bresh
“The Breshman”


Thom Bresh Bio
Thom Bresh Bio

Merle Travis and Thom Bresh

~ First Time the two of them picked together Performing Live on TV

Thom Bresh EPK

Bresh, the son of legendary player Merle Travis, and Jones, who is known as the greatest country player since Jerry Reed, have put together the ultimate “pickers record”. The late great Chet Atkins is quoted on the CD jacket as saying “I think Thom Bresh & Buster B Jones individually are great players. But there is nothing like hearing them play together…it can NOT be duplicated”.
“There is nothing like hearing them play together, It can not be duplicated”. — Chet Atkins

….”Chops galore, great ideas and an encylopedic reservoir of guitaristic influences” — Guitar Player Magazine Available on Amazon … Click Picture

Thom Bresh & Buster B Jones
Thom Bresh & Buster B Jones

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