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Hi Folks This week on GIVE ME A BREAK RADIO We have sweet sweet harmonies of The Hammond Brothers Dale Hammond & Gale Hammond.
Also opening song by Nashville’s very own Chris Gantry fresh off the morning heart… I CRY QUIETLY.  

“I dedicate this song to the spirit of reconciliation that this world so badly needs in this time of upheaval,.Sometime tough mandates are needed either to curb a harsh reality or to make a statement that change is a prerequisite to chaos, but essentially it’s always the spirit of gentility, cooperation, diplomacy, and peace that crumbles mountains of disharmony to dust,.I dedicate this song to Kris Kristofferson whose music has always been the path of the Olive Branch.” Chris Gantry

Chris Gantry with Kris Kristofferson
Chris Gantry with Kris Kristofferson

Originally from Benton, Illinois, The Hammond Brothers are the sons of a Baptist evangelist. They began performing gospel music at the age of 5, traveling throughout the country with their Father. The Hammond Brothers 

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Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, The Hammond Brothers perform various styles of music including country, pop, gospel, and rock-a-billy.
They have performed on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry, TNN’s Nashville Now, Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, The Heartland USA, Jerry Lewis National Telethon, Las Vegas Hilton, and Broadway. They have performed with such artists as George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Paul Anka, as well as Donny & Marie Osmond.
Dale and Gale have also toured to open shows for Hoyt Axton, The Pointer Sisters, Merle Haggard, and others.
On October 12, 2013, The Hammond Brothers were inducted into The Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame.

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Chris Gantry  “You can’t rope and tie Art like you do a steer or a horse,.When your desire and intent to create something becomes unbearable, something beauteous, ravishing, and sumptuous, suddenly, you might see something shadowy peeking out from behind a building, or a corner of a dark room,.something timorous and reticent at first, but then the more you stalk this phantom figure, the more daring it becomes until at a precise moment it will move out into the open of your periphery of desire. In other words, through your insatiable hunger to create something, you have lured a piece of raw art out into the open and drawn it into your heart; and like a homeless dog or cat, it wants and needs to be loved on, affection bestowed on it with unceasing petting and cuddling..The very thing you end up creating is in itself alive, but etheric and unformed,. it has violation,.it is sentient,.Then, adding yourself into the mixture gives it it’s full blown fulfillment of life,.it is now “created” in the full sense of the word, much like a seed turns into a beautiful flower.,,Amazing stuff,.we all have a little bit of Gods co- creating talents. This makes us magical creatures.”

Gypsy Dreamers in the Alley: Chris Gantry's Unique insights into the mystical art of the song Paperback

 Gypsy Dreamers in the Alley: Chris Gantry’s Unique insights into the mystical art of the song, Paperback.

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