Standing for America ~ In Times of Uncertainty

Hi Folks, This week we take on a Number of things that should concern all of us… We have songs from 6 different Artists… Don Mealer, W.T. Davidson, Ken Spooner, Billy Don Burns, Thom BreshChris Gantry and Yours truly, Bobby Pizazz.
Our Guest is UN Ambassador the Honorable Robert W Lowder
We explore food for thought or not… you decide… Ed Beaver adds his two cents in our segment “THINK OR NOT“… About LOVE…

Well, I could not help but cover some of the issues that have been in the press and I could not help but ask some hard questions… We will get Back to Our regular Music Shows after this week’s Show… But Folks sometimes you just have to share your thoughts… So we did… In no way do we expect everyone to agree with us, nor do we think everyone will agree with Mr Robert W Lowder… But we looked at many things going on in today’s world… and Put forth information we hope will cause you to think… If nothing more THINK… The Music is Great and each song will add to the over-all Show… We hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends… Thanks for all your support… Bobby Pizazz.

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