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Rebecca Hosking teams up again with producer Scott Neubert at Smash Recordings in Nashville, TN to create her fourth critically acclaimed CD, A Few Broken Pieces, she uses a traditional country vibe with Americana folk roots to create a unique and distinctive sound. This album is reflective and succinct as she reveals true raw emotion like never before.

Rebecca has spent a lifetime perfecting her voice and displays her unique style in this latest release. Now getting worldwide recognition through radio play and TV broadcasts, she is celebrated and revered on 6 continents which has garnered a large fan base that proudly call themselves, The Hoskettes.

Her music can be heard on commercials world wide and has been seen on the hit shows, The Lost Girl, Bizarre Foods of America, ESPN’s 2012 Poker World Championship, Aerial America on the episode titled, South Carolina and many more. She has also had several Indie Artists perform her music live and have cut several of her songs on their CD’s from, Anne E DeChant, Rachel Farley and Sister Soul to name a few, as she continues to solicit her music through many different avenues.

Rebecca Hosking is one of the hardest working independent artists in the industry today and can be seen in a city near you as she is hitting the road and touring to promote her latest project. Her live performance is an intimate setting as she shares her life story through every song.

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