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Outlaw is NOT a genre of music. It is an attitude, a refusal to compromise one’s music for the money. A belief that the music is what’s important and any success comes from a large fan base agreeing.





Who is  Gary Sargeant , and what motivated him to start an Outlaw Country Music Hall of Fame?
I’m a lifelong fan, 55 years old, of Outlaw music, independent artists and labels, and just firmly believe in people who stay true to themselves and their music, and don’t compromise.
It all started at a David Allan Coe benefit that I attended back in June. He was in an accident and wasn’t able to tour. I was kind of upset that David Allan Coe required a benefit. That at 73, he had to tour just to pay his bills because back in the day, things happened and he doesn’t own his catalog. And I was trying to think of a way we could support legends, and recognize people like David, or any number of people that have contributed so much to this music, and have never compromised. I wanted to make sure we had a place to recognize those folks who will never get recognized by anybody else, and then also be able to support today’s Outlaws—the Pete Berwick’s, the Gurf Morlix’s. Its time has come, and we’re going to do this.

MISSION STATEMENT The Outlaw Music Association’s mission is to provide a place for artists, labels, and fans to come together to love, support, promote, and lift each other up for the common cause of promoting the music we love and to grow its audience around the world. Real Country music is alive and well and will not die on our watch.

Outlaw Music Association (OMA) consists of artists who have made a commitment to their music, to each other and to their fans. The list includes members of the Outlaw Music Hall of Fame inductees who receive an automatic lifetime membership to the OMA.

Music By Billy Don Burns 

Billie Gant  Billy Joe Shaver  Bobby Bare  Brian Randle  Buck Thrailkill  Chris Gantry  Carter Family  Dallas Moore  David Alan Coe  Eric Lee Beddingfield  Hank Williams  Hank Williams Jr.  Hank Williams III  Jamey Johnson  Jeff Givens  Jessie Colter  Jimmy Miles  Johnny Cash  Johnny Paycheck  Kara Clark  Kris Kristofferson  Loretta Lynn  Merle Haggard  Pete Berwick Potlockney Posse  RC Oleary  Rowdy Johnson  Sammi Smith  Steve Young  Texas Gray  Tim Ledford  Tom Ghent  Waylon Jennings  Wayne Mills  WC Edgar  Whitey Morgan  Willie Nelson  WC Edgar

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The Outlaw Music Hall of Fame and Association presents, Outlaws Rockin’ for Tornado Relief. 18th of May at the Limelight in Nashville, starting at 4:00pm Till 11:00pm Black Oak Arkansas …

Kara Clark

Unconventional, and unconstrained by others’ opinions, Kara Clark and her badass Alt Country/Rock sound just hits the stage running. She doesn’t care where she “fits in” cause when she’s out there, it all falls into place. Kara’s always worn her heart on her sleeve and her written word is the woven tapestry of troubled times, hidden passion, injustice, haunting ghosts, hypocrisy, regret, the worst love we seem to want, empowerment and the gritty, storied truth. Her first album, SINNIN,’ released in 2010, set the ball rolling.  Visit Kara Clark on  FaceBook  ReverbNation

Professor Pooch 

Better known as “Professor Pooch” by his friends, students, clients, and lots of others in the Music Industry, David J. Spangenberg has been a Musical, as well as Music Business Consultant, Advisor, Educator, Mediator and Music Legal & Contract Specialist for almost 30 years, guiding the careers of many past, present and future Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers, on the Creative side, and as a Consultant to many Managers, Music Publishers, Production Companies, Indie Record Companies and Attorneys on the Business and Contractual side.
Mr. Spangenberg was born and still lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, but works full-time in the Music Industry, nation-wide. “The Professor”, who created and recorded a Music Business Radio Show “PoochCast™”, as well as over a 100 blogs and PoochCasts™, and has appeared in or on many radio, video and print interviews, and lectures, is also becoming involved more and more with educational-related Music Business Audio/Video and Multimedia Projects, including “Gigster & the Pooch”, an edu-tainment video series with fellow music business professional educator, Ryan Michael Galloway.  Visit Professor Pooch   on   FaceBook   Professor Pooch 

The Hammond Brothers consist of fraternal twins, Gale and Dale, and younger brother Johnny. They are Pastors, Singers, songwriters, Musicians, Recording Artist, Comedians, and Actors. Originally from Benton, Illinois, the Hammond Brothers are the sons of a Baptist evangelist. Dale and Gale began gospel music at age 5, traveling throughout the country with their father. Four years later, Johnny joined them. The Hammond Brothers now in Nashville, Tennessee, have performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, TNN’s Nashville Now, Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree, Tonight Show, Heartland USA, Jerry Lewis National Telethon, Las Vegas Hilton, Broadway New York City, cameo appearance on “The Young and Restless.” They have joined with Gloria Willow Dean, Ramblin County and Blind Veterans of America 2014 tour. They have performed with such artist as George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Paul Anka, Donnie & Marie Osmond, Razzy Bailey, Boomer Castleman just to name a few. They have toured to open shows for Loretta Lynn, Hoyt Axton, The Pointer Sisters, Merle Haggard and others. Their repertoire includes R&B, jazz, country, pop, gospel, and rock-a-billy. They’re entertainers! On October 12, 2013 The Hammond Brothers were inducted into The Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee.

Come see The Hammond Brothers at 
Gloryland Church Sundays at 11 am,
430 Forrest Retreat Rd,
Hendersonville, TN 37075.
What a treat!

Come see The Hammond Brothers perform at the Glory Land Church Click the image below for driving directions



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