Medicine King

.If Led Zeppelin came from New Orleans, they might have sounded like Medicine King: a hard-rocking, funky, bluesy, in-your-face power trio that can swing like a French Quarter street parade.

Guitarist/vocalist Dave Isaacs, bassist/vocalist Brook Sutton, and drummer/percussionist Robert Crawford met working clubs in Nashville’s fertile singer-songwriter scene. While the band started out playing Isaacs’ songs as the “Dave Isaacs Trio”, Sutton and Crawford brought so much creativity and energy to the project, including new music, that a true partnership soon developed. “There’s no leader in this band, we’re just not good at doing what we’re told” says Sutton. But in live performance it’s clear that each takes their turn leading the way, often spontaneously, and the lively interaction between all three personalities is undeniable both onstage and off. A song might take off in a new direction at any moment, but no matter how far the music stretches, it can snap from the edge of chaos back into the groove in an instant.

The Medicine King sound is a meeting of New Orleans and Nashville spiked with a dose of ’60’s psychedelia: swampy grooves and savvy songwriting, delivered with an irreverent rock-and-roll attitude and a fearless improvisational spirit. It’s dynamic and powerful music played with fierce, joyous abandon. You know what’s up!

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