Love is the Solution

A Call to the world to embrace Love not War …

Bobby Pizazz explores the current events of the world

and Love is the Solution

Featured Artists

Bobby Pizazz  “Roll the Windows Down Baby”     “Your Love Will Always Be”   “A Peaceful Solution Love”  “Why Can’t We” “Because of You” “RhythmTrain”

Jimmy Jack Whitaker “Called”

Lacy Jay Syler “Love is a Natural Disaster”

     Coming Soon  New Video “Wide Open”

Ronnie Dean Host of “Nashville Side Streets”  “I Had Good Folks”

Denis Gadfly Muwonge “I’d Rather Die Poor”

Roy August “I Can’t Believe She Love Him Like She Does”

Enjoy this video by Roy August

 Billy Don Burns  “Erin Rogers and Me”

 Gene Pistelli “Jimmy’s Song” for Jim Croce

Erin Dickins  “I Just Found Out About Love” “Tain’t What You Do With It”

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