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Hi Folks This week on GIVE ME A BREAK RADIO we look at how to get your songs in TV and MOVIES …Our Guest is Lonny Ray we take a look at the business of music and how an indie can compete in the current market… Lonny Ray has been living in MI and still been able to reach Hollywood Movie and TV people for placement of songs. He has had songs on Showtimes popular television show Dexter.



Lonny Ray, an American Country Music Songwriter, was born in a northern suburb of Detroit Michigan. He learned to overcome adversity at a very young age. He was raised on the streets of the Big Three towns in which he ran. His songs are an array of adversities and experiences that influence him today. Born into a musical family, he began singing in the church at the age of 8 years of age.  Moving to California at the age of 19, with guitar in hand, his father brought him to the World Famous Palimino Night Club in Hollywood California where he met Janie Fricke.   In 2005 he formed the Great Lakes Regions popular band, Copper Ridge.  After a two year tour with the band, he went solo in 2007 and his career as a singer and songwriter has skyrocketed.  He has been nominated for numerous Detroit Music Awards and took home Best Country Music Songwriter at the 25th anniversary of the Review Magazines Music Awards.  He has had songs on Showtimes popular television show Dexter as well as WETV’s Texas Multi Mamas and several other shows.  He has a song in the movie 50-1 starring Skeet Ulrich and Christian Kane.  “Back To My Old Friends” is his latest song released January 1st 2014 on ITunes. “Whether it’s writing songs, singin’ ’em, or playing for an audience, Lonny Ray is a born entertainer… and a damn fine one at that!” Dan Richards WKCQ.

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