Lee Rascone’s SongWriters Night

“You Look Bad” Lee Rascone Sr. & Lee Rascone Jr. present Rascone Writer’s Nights With Ed Beaver, Bobby Pizazz, Ray Sisk and Stephen Trombley

Lee Rascone Sr & Lee Rascone Jr., host weekly songwriter’s nights in Nashville, TN at Millennium Maxwell House.
Lee & Lee Jay are hosting every Thursday Night at Maxwell’s. Lee Sr & Lee Junior are a father and son songwriter hosting team presenting to you one of the best writers nights in Nashville. Lee Sr has been hosting writers nights for nearly 20 years and has had so many hit writers who turned into icons on this stage. If you are having trouble getting in touch with Lee, you can contact DonnaMWilson@yahoo.com
Lee Rascone’s Email Youlookbad@bellsouth.net

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Ed Beaver is a songwriter/performer on unique yet common ground with his peers. As a performer, he has been lauded as a “person to hear”. His performances come from the heart and he seldom does a song that does not seem appropriate for the moment.
His songs do not conform to the models of formula writing so prevalent in our industry. Yet, his audiences appreciate his work and ask for more. As a result, he has had publishing by Buckhorn Music and later as a co-writer with Famous Music.
“Maggie’s Coming Home” and “You’re Memory Won’t Mind” are earlier songs while “I never Should Have Walked Out”, and “Who Needs Her” are more requested current writes.
Catching an Ed Beaver performance is something that may or may not become a magic moment for you. It is always one for him.
Ed has been drawn to music and performances since he was eight years old, clutching an Elvis Presley record in hopes of appearing in a talent show in Gallup, New Mexico. His musical career took him to Dallas, Texas for many years as well as the”Beach Cities” of California. He managed to carry something with him form all the experiences and recasts them into his music.

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Nashville singer/songwriter Bobby Pizazz offers a variety of original tunage, with writing influences as varied as Hank Williams, Jim Croce and Earth Wind & Fire.
Says Bobby, “I have song in my soul, I have a story that must be told. As I write these songs I tell of life, and if you listen close, you will see, that this is not just my song, but ours in joy and strife. I’m a Music Story Teller a Song Man.” Bobby Pizazz, a life-long entertainer, made appearances on the nostalgic TNN (Nashville Network) American Magazine performing his self-penned favorite “Lost, Lonely, Feelin’ Blue”. To his credit he has worked behind the scenes, back stage and in the studio with a wide variety of major recording artists and independents.

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Ray Sisk Ray Sisk is a songwriting legend known for his never-give-up attitude.  When Ray sings, no matter what the bar or club, heads turn and quiet ensues. His songs literally demand attention. His performances come from so deep within, audiences are quickly mesmerized.  Growing up in the rural sand hills of North Carolina, Sisk developed his musical inspiration from his mother. “I was raised on traditional country, early rock and roll and folk music,” says Sisk. “My mother always sang traditional country and mountain songs and when I was just eight years old, I learned to play my older brother’s guitar.”
Songwriting became a lifelong passion after Sisk first heard Bob Dylan’s music. “This guy made songwriting seem so natural, so I wanted to try and see what I could write. My musical style is a little R&B mixed with country and rock,”
explains Sisk.
Sisk’s cut on “Words & Music Nashville;”  “Memphis (Ain’t No Place to Lose the Blues)” is a clever, soulful and unique composition that deals with getting over heartbreak in the home of the blues. It’s the kind of song that feels like an instant classic the first time you hear it.
 Sisk, who enjoys spending his free moments painting, sculpting and canoeing down the nearest river, wants to be remembered as a friend and as a songwriter who shared his songs with as many people as possible.

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Stephen Trombley is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author who began writing songs at 16 after seeing Townes van Zandt at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY. He has a PhD in English from the University of Nottingham, and is the author of 16 books, translated in 17 languages. He is founder of the London- and NY-based film company Worldview Pictures. He’s directed more than 20 films, and won an Emmy for his documentary on the Nuremberg trials. He and Chris Sauer and Oliver Ray formed the band Psychoneedles in 1996, releasing a self-titled EP in 1997. He moved to Nasvhille in the summer of 2012 where he’s written with Angela Kaset, Fred Koller, Pam Belford and other hitmakers. He released his first solo CD “Tea For Three” in 2014, produced by Richard Adler. His lastest book is a philosophy miscellany, “Wise Words: The Philosophy of Everyday Life” published in London in January 2016.

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