Jonathan Long

Nashville’s own ‘Americana Anecdotalist'”

Jonathan Long
If you are to become one of the country’s best Americana singer/songwriters you need to spend some time traveling around America…

For Jonathan Long, that time became a career spanning three decades that took him just about everywhere worth going, and some places which, for many, wouldn’t be – places as diverse as his birthplace on a dairy farm in upstate New York, The Village in NYC, a trailer somewhere in the Florida outback shared with a pet turkey (a welcome regular at the local dive-bar), Branson, MO, the governor’s mansion in Florida, and far too many others to even recount, let alone list.

GoFundMe Jonathan Long
Songwriter’s Lament Jonathan Long was hit with some serious health issues and hospitalized recently. Many of you know him as one of the greatest songwriters on the planet and many know him as a long-time bartender for Bobby’s Idle Hour, the only bar actually on Music Row Please Help Jonathan Long ………Click and DONATE GoFundMe

Although he has shared the stage with the likes of Roy Clark and Leroy VanDyke, penned tunes for Barry Sadler and The Time Jumpers, and charted on Billboard’s top 40, it is his vast portfolio (some 2,700) of true Americana tunes and his heartfelt solo delivery (with self-taught guitar); thereof, that has earned the respect and admiration of so many both on and off Music Row. Whether bringing smiles with such clever creations as “Pants,” or tears with the moving lament “Only Man Can Make a Mountain Cry” – nobody captures the full range of human experience and emotions like the truest “One of a Kind” Jonathan Long.” -J. Gibbs, Nashville, Tennessee

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