Jan Buckingham

Twice Grammy-nominated songwriter Jan Buckingham is a musical stylist whose vision has sculpted hits for Pam Tillis, Whitney Houston, George Jones, Melissa Manchester and many others. Jan has written for television (“Hollywood Wives”), and film (“My Cousin Vinnie”), and owns 14 active publishing companies, administering copyrights worldwide.

Jan also wrote the theme song to Hollywood Wives.
“I had just read an excerpt of Jackie Collin’s book “Hollywood Wives” in Cosmopolitan Magazine while on a flight to Los Angeles,” Jan recalls. “It was such a sleazy piece of grease that I couldn’t put it down and I knew someone would buy the rights.”
As it turned out, Aaron Spelling was going to produce it as a TV series. Jan finished the lyric on the plane and wrote the music to Hollywood Wives with Jeff Silber in Nashville.
When Jan had a demo of “Hollywood Wives,” she cornered Chuck Kaye, the head of publishing at Warner/Chappell on Sunset.
“I dragged him into his office to listen to the song,” said Jan. “Chuck passed me off to George Guim, who had just come to work for Warner/Chappell that day. I got Val Knust, greatest secretary in the world, to type up a letter that I dictated to her and then had George sign it. Val then got that letter and my song to Aaron Spelling that afternoon by messenger. I was blessed with some angels around me.”

The letter she dictated to said: ‘Dear Mr. Spelling, One of our top writers has just completed a song that we feel captures the essence of Hollywood Wives. Sincerely, George Guim.’
“I look back and have to laugh at my passion and what I’ll politely call gumption,” said Jan. “The next morning we got word that they were going to use my song as the theme song for the Hollywood Wives Mini Series. And it only happened because I didn’t know that you couldn’t do things like that. Sometimes it pays to be naïve.” ~ Excerpt from Shantell Ogden Blog 

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Roguie Ray Lamontagne
Roguie Ray Lamontagne

Benefit for Legendary singer/ songwriter and harmonica player, Roguie Ray Lamontagne, is recovering from a horrific motorcycle wreak that took place on Saturday, April 11th. He was sent to Skyline Medical for many injuries and underwent 2 surgeries on April 12th. Due to the accident Roguie has no transportation, unable to play harmonica (due to his crushed left wrist) and will begin to receive doctor bills soon. I believe anyone who knows Roguie Ray Lamontagne understands that he is the first person to begin a support system, pull together a benefit or anything he can do to help others in need and I believe that now it is our turn! Roguie Ray needs help from his friends, family, musical tribe and more. A benefit is being put together for him on June 20th, 2015 in Nashville, TN at the Twin Kegs 2 (the old Smokehouse) from 2pm-till. This will be a perfect time to come out and show your support and love to everyones favorite; blues harmonica playin’, red sox lovin’, exaggerated story tellin’ guy. Thank you for all of your love and support and we can’t wait to see you there.

June 20th, 2015 in Nashville, TN at the Twin Kegs 2 (the old Smokehouse) 327 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37210  from 2pm-till.

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