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The industry insider Bobby Lowder and GMAB Host Bobby Pizazzgive us insight into  the future of Lacy Jay Syler! Listen to this Exclusive Re-broadcast here on Give Me A Break RadioOriginally Aired August 23, 2013 10 AM to 11 PM on WRFN 107.1 LPFM Radio Free Nashville


"Living My Life" Lacy Jay Syler

Lacy J. Just turned 14 years old on September 2 , 2012 and tho she is very young, she’s ahead of her time as an artist. Lacy comes from a long line of country music entertainers. Her grand parents, Buck and Connie McCarty were on the country music road for many years. Lacy’s mother, JODI and her brother Matthew were raised on the bus and gave me, many great stories about the adventures they had growing up on the road. From the time Lacy was about four years old, they knew that little Lacy Was very gifted, as all she wanted to do was sing, and sing she could!! T Jae Christian



“Hi Folks On GIVE ME A BREAK RADIO    We take a look at a new artist Lacy Jay Syler, review her songs and talk about the talent and drive and songs it takes to make a great Artist… Bobby Hatfield Lowder and I give you an honest look at a up coming Artist…Lacy Jay Syler at 14 years old, has the makings of the greats… Give a listen to the advice and comments as we travel through Lacy’s life through songs…” Bobby Pizazz

Bobby Hatfield Lowder

Bobby Lowder

Bobby has been involved in or around the entertainment industry for over 50 years. Mostly behind the scenes either directly or indirectly connected to financing many different projects as an executive producer or producer. During which time he started publishing companies, management companies, He has written several articles, books, screen plays and songs. His versatility ranges from entertainment to business operations.  He has served as an asset and business manager, performer, producer, publisher, and songwriter. “I have also worked for just over 22 years, in the film and television industry as an executive producer, producer directly involved with put together film television financing, by creating a capital corporation.” Other activities include serving as a director and trustee for several trusts dealing with humanitarian efforts around the world.