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 Ed Minyard is the CEO of SongRamp. He’s been a songwriter and musician for well over 40 years, crossing a wide range of genre in his style. Always of special interest is rot-gut blues, allowing Ed to stretch out with his harps. Over the years, he’s had the good fortune to sit in with some of the blues greats, including Matt (Guitar)Murphy (Blues Brothers fame), Chicago Bluesman Lonnie Brooks, Liz Mandeville, Big Al Carson and Irvin Mayfield.

Song Ramp
Song Ramp

SongRamp was formed in 2001 – that’s like a thousand internet-years! Ed acquired SongRamp from NSAI in 2006, then created the first member-owned music website on the net. We currently have over 50 members of the Limited Liability Company, true Owners of SongRamp.


Over the past thirteen – almost 14 – years, SongRamp has enrolled over 28,000 members. Of those, approximately 16,500 have self-identified as either Artists, Songwriters or Musicians (since SongRamp only allows original songs to be posted, we can safely say that ALL of these folks are songwriters.) Interestingly, almost 30% of the members identify themselves as “Fans.” The rest of the members fall in to categories such as Producer, Publisher, Radio, etc. The membership is approximately 60% male and 40% female (once we normalize for members who chose not to identify). Most are between the ages of 21 and 50, with significant numbers over the age of 60. The members have posted over 15,000 original songs, across every imaginable genre. We have members from seventy-eight countries.

Some of our members are retirees. Others have “day jobs.” We have current or former: electricians, farmers, ranchers, cab drivers, truck drivers, consultants, realtors, cops, firefighters, air traffic controllers, accountants, entrepreneurs, university professors, doctors and yes, even working musicians. We have high school drop-outs and university professors. We have veterans and those who’ve never served. We have liberals, libertarians, independents and conservatives. We have Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists. We are from every race, creed and color and speak countless languages.

We are a cross-section of the world and we share a common affliction – we write for the Sake of the Song!

Ramper’s Songs and Artists

Alan “Cathead” Johnston -
Alan “Cathead” Johnston –

Cathead is from the hills of West Virginia and is a true Americana artist. His songs are from the heart. This one is about his beloved Appalachia – which he adamantly insists is pronounced correctly – App Ah Latcha! “Appalachia is My Name”

Gilly Slinn
Gilly Slinn

Gilly is an MD from London, England. Like most Rampers, she records in her home studio. When not administering to patients, she plays in clubs around London “What a Broken Heart Can Do”

The Chiggers
The Chiggers

This group of outstanding musicians are mostly retirees, from Nasshville. Aside from serious picking and writing, they operate ChiggerTraks Studio. “Stretchin’ Out”

Ken Damkier
Ken Damkier
James Cain
James Cain
Ellen Moseley
Ellen Moseley


Ken is an amazing artist from Denmark. A serious bluesman, he is also a sought after collaborator on SongRamp. In this song, he’s collaborated with James Cain and Ellen Moseley, both from the USA – this is the power of the internet. “Lord, Take Me Quick”

The Professors
The Professors

The Professors are a group of…well…Professors, from Rutgers University. They write together and play gigs around NJ “Learning Curve”

Eddie Minyard – Peggy Attwood – Jeff Southerland

Another example of a Ramp Collaboration – one of our strongest features!  “Love’s Latest Fool”

Eddie Minyard – Pro Demo

Along with all of our home-spun productions, many of our Rampers elect to have Pro Demos done, usually in Nashville. Here’s an example of one of my songs, produced by Dan Drilling, of Panda Productions of Nashville! “Just How Wonderful”

Marc-Alan Barnette “MAB” Q&A

Marc-Alan  Barnette
Marc-Alan Barnette

WHO, OR WHAT, IS A MAB? I am a singer/songwriter/teacher, based out of Nashville Tn. I grew up in Birmingham alabama where I grew up in the late 60’s and early 70’s. in 1974, I began performing with rock bands, and built one, BITTERSWEET, that would morph into 24 KARAT, one of the top rock bands in the town of Birmingham. From high school buddies, we included an older musician,JESSE LEWIS, who took the band over, and taught me what it took to be an actual musician. Rehearsing 6 nights a week, we wrote music, recorded, it and after about a year of that, started performing. That led to us winning THE 1984 MILLER HIGH LIFE ROCK TO RICHES NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH. Out of 30,000 bands Nationwide, we won,and proceeded to have almost a whole week of fame.


After Disaster
After Disaster

Edward Minyard has over 35 years of experience in the consulting field with a keen focus on risk management, disaster recovery and processes related to business continuity. His certifications include: Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP); Certified by the Business Continuity Institute (CBCI); Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC); Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Physical Security Professional (PSP). For over ten years, he has been actively involved in providing leadership during some of the largest disasters to impact North America.

Ed has served in leadership roles within several of the world’s largest consulting and technology companies, including Accenture and Unisys. As a Partner at Accenture, Ed was responsible for their Cyber Security Practice in the USA and Canada, as well as Business Continuity Planning for that same region. As Managing Partner, North America for the Emergency Management Practice of Unisys, he oversaw the delivery of Emergency Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Services to key Unisys clients, including the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey and The City of New Orleans.

Some notable accomplishments include:

Ed and his team were on the ground in New Orleans three days after Hurricane Katrina struck. He and his team reestablished communications for responders and city government. They went on to build a temporary, 100 position Emergency Operations Center in the Grand Hyatt Superdome Hotel, then managed that facility for the following sixteen months. In 2006, Ed and his team were the architects of the City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP).

In recognition of his efforts, on May 10th, 2006, Then-Mayor C. Ray Nagin declared a Special Day of Honor in the City Of New Orleans, honoring Edward Minyard.


Ed is the founder of ResponseForce1 Corp and ResponseForce1 Security Solutions. These Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises have provided services to numerous clients before, during and after major disasters.

Book OVERVIEW : After Disaster: An Insider’s Perspective from the Heart of Chaos


Terrorist attacks, hurricanes, pandemic, earthquakes, tornadoes, oil spills, floods and tsunami – Ed Minyard has responded to them all.

Over the past 13 years, Ed has been involved in almost every major crisis in and around North America – and one long-range mission to Japan. In his book, Ed describes his adventures and presents a view that most have never seen – from inside the Heart of Chaos.

Learn of Ed’s experiences with politicians, heroes, tragic victims and yes, the inevitable crooks that always seem to be there to exploit these events. Ed tells it like it was – no holds barred. But, in the end, it’s the lessons from these terrible events that matter. Ed expresses those lessons with straight-talk, peppered with a bit of (sometimes dark) humor.

Above all else, this book will educate the reader in the subject of preparedness – but only if you take the lessons to heart.

That part is up to you.


It is with great sadness we say goodbye to one of Nashville’s Musician Singer Songwriter and our personal friend Patricio Tower.

Patricio Tower and his wife Roxanne
Patricio Tower and his wife Roxanne

Plans are underway for a memorial service for Patricio on Saturday, November 15 at 1 PM. at the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville 6705 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

Later that night a benefit/silent auction is being planned 6-7 PM at The Commodore Grille Nashville 2613 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

Please Donate to gofundme Patricio Tower Memorial/Medical. Our friend, Nashville musician and songwriter, Patricio, was assaulted and beaten on October 21, 2014, at the clinic at The Room at the Inn while waiting for medicine. He died October 26 as a result of his injuries. His wife, Roxanne, needs help with expenses for his cremation, memorial, and medical bills incurred. Thank you for your help.  http://www.gofundme.com/ggi660

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