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Ed Beaver is an amazing talent, singer songwriter and luthier here in Nashville Tennessee… Originally from Texas, Ed Beaver has settled in Nashville, TN of late. It was a circuitous trail from Dallas through New Mexico, New Jersey and New York before finally making his home there. He has since been writing independent music which, although not a particular genre, seems to attract people to his shows. He performs with a trio, “The 3 B’s” including renowned recording artist and Thumbpickers Hall of Fame member, Thom Bresh and award winning Bobby Keel. He has also shared the stage with other known writers, Lisa Carver, Pam Belford, Jonmark Stone and Robert K Wolf. All close friends, strong songwriters and mutual admirers. Ed has chosen his path of his own musical integrity and the results have been a relief from the canned productions so prevalent today.

Ed Beaver is a songwriter/performer on unique yet common ground with his peers. As a performer, he has been lauded as a “person to hear”. His performances come from the heart and he seldom does a song that does not seem appropriate for the moment.
His songs do not conform to the models of formula writing so prevalent in our industry. Yet, his audiences appreciate his work and ask for more. As a result, he has had publishing by Buckhorn Music and later as a co-writer with Famous Music.
“Maggie’s Coming Home” and “You’re Memory Won’t Mind” are earlier songs while “I never Should Have Walked Out”, and “Who Needs Her” are more requested current writes.
Catching an Ed Beaver performance is something that may or may not become a magic moment for you. It is always one for him.
Ed has been drawn to music and performances since he was eight years old, clutching an Elvis Presley record in hopes of appearing in a talent show in Gallup, New Mexico. His musical career took him to Dallas, Texas for many years as well as the”Beach Cities” of California. He managed to carry something with him form all the experiences and recasts them into his music.

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Ed Beaver does not care to be the most popular, just the most faithful to his muse.

Ed Beaver Instruments

Ed Beaver was dubbed “The Guitar Whisperer”, by world class guitarist Thom Bresh. The title seems to have been accepted by others as Ed seems to find the right fix for many issues with guitars.

Ed Beaver Instruments
Ed Beaver Instruments

This shop is a Warranty Center for Gibson, Level A, Martin Guitars and Kirk Sand Guitars. We also provide warranty services for Takamine, Ovation and Alvarez Instruments.My policy is simple. Do the best I can as quickly as possible to have your instrument in your hands.

Ed Beaver, known as the “Guitar Whisperer”, has repaired instruments for over 30 years. Ask Ed whose instruments he has worked on and he will probably avoid answering the question. Ed has relationships with instruments, not the owners. Owners seem to appreciate it, as they have relationships with the instruments as well. Ed loves what he does. He used to operate out of Soundcheck before, during and after the flood. He has moved to World Music Nashville to make himself available for repairs while he pursues building instruments.

World Music Nashville 7069 US 70S, Nashville, Tennessee 37221  |   (615) 519-9182

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