Christmas in Branson ~ Randy Plummer ~ Jeff Salee ~ James Marvell

Christmas in Branson ~ Randy Plummer ~ Jeff Salee ~ James Marvell ~ Featured Songs from Lacy Jay Syler and T Jae Christian GIVE ME A BREAK RADIO Show … Looks at Branson MO and the one of the original family’s who started it all … Joining us is Randy Plummer for a Branson Christmas…also from Branson … Jeff Sallee … and a new Christmas song By Lacy Jay Syler and a new song by T Jae Christian also James Marvell gives us some Christmas music …

2012 marked Randy Plummer’s 40th Season to perform in Branson, MO.  Randy, along with his Dad Darrell, Mom Rosie and sister Melody visited Branson in 1971 with friends and fell in love with the area. The Plummer Family Country Music Show at this time was based out of southeast Missouri in a little country community called, Knob Lick. The Plummer Family played local high schools, gyms and dances and also played several years at Piedmont, Mo at a roller skating rink/country music hall called, The Clearwater Jamboree-named after the lake there.  After visiting Branson, the family was hooked and bought their theater in November of 1972 and opened May 26, 1973 on Memorial Day Weekend performing to a full house of 572. The theatre was called, The Plummer Family Country Music Show located on Highway 76 and was in business for 18 seasons. Harley Clements, who is also from southeast MO came along with the Plummer Family and sang and played guitar and did brochure distribution and worked at the theater all 18 years. Everyone in the family had their part to play. Darrell, MC’d the show, sang and played guitar and ran the business. Rosie sang, played accordion, sold tickets, did the wardrobe and bookwork.  Melody sang, played fiddle, banjo, did the comedy character, Granny and sold tickets. Randy sang, played bass guitar, did the comedy character Professor Pedink, did brochure distribution and was a janitor. Melody’s husband Dale Driskill sang on the show and their son Josh sang and played on a little toy fiddle.

In 1990, Randy’s parents, Darrell & Rosie decided to sell the theater to retire and move back to the Farmington/Knob Lick area but Randy decided to stay in Branson and keep playing music.  Randy’s sister Melody, husband Dale and son Josh moved to Texas and continued in music and Harley continued to sing in the Branson area and also touring.
Also in 1990, The Max Bacon Family worked at The Plummer Family Theater doing a 2 pm Sunday Gospel program and after The Plummer’s sold out, Randy stayed with them and they performed for awhile at the Foggy River Boys Theater also on highway 76 until moving to the place they now perform- the Grand Country Music Hall.
In 1991, Randy went to work for the Roy Clark organization with a group called, Celebrity Sound and they opened for Stars that were booked in Roy’s Theater called, Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre.  Randy played and sang with the group for 3 years opening for Roy, Bobby Vinton, Crystal Gayle, Janie Fricke, Glen Campbell, Chet Atkins, Jeannie C. Riley, Tonya Tucker, Roger Miller, T.G. Shepherd, Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White and Buddy Ebsen. Randy got to play with a band that backed up Buddy Ebsen and he really enjoyed this true legend and gentleman. He also got to play in a band that backed up Jeannie C. Riley. After Roy Clark decided to not use an opening act anymore, Randy moved on and worked for Doug Gabriel at the Jim Stafford Theater. He also worked for Shirley Johnson with her group, Shirley, Goodness & Mercy at Silver Dollar City for at least 5 years.
Randy later got employment with The Walt Disney Company (around 1992-93) working at their Springfield, MO Battlefield Mall Store and then in 1998 started working at The Disney Store at Tanger Mall in Branson. He is presently working The Disney Store as well as doing shows and is a big Mickey Mouse fan and still collects Mickey items. Randy got hired by a long time friend, James Garrett who started a 10 am, Tribute To John Denver in 2007 and then a 5 pm Tribute To George Strait in 2008.  The John Denver Tribute started it’s 6th season in 2012 and in place of the George Strait Tribute they have started, The Johnny Cash Songbook at 5 pm. These shows are at the Little Opry Theater inside the IMAX Complex in Branson, MO.
In 2011, Randy started singing and playing doghouse bass on Tim Hadler’s, Hank Williams Revisited Show and in 2012 they started a winter only show called, Ozark Mountain Bluegrass Revue at 5 pm for January & February. All at the LIttle Opry Theater inside the IMAX Complex.In 2008, Randy started releasing songs, stories and radio station liners on Charles Brady’s, Radio Active Airplay (RAA) which is an internet source for Disc Jockeys to download music to present thru their radio stations and between 2008 and 2011 Randy had at least 13 number 1 stories & songs and at least 14 in the Top 6.
Randy is with The Max Bacon Family on their, Sunday Gospel Jubilee at 2 pm and The Max Bacon Family’s, Ozark Mountain Jubilee at 7 pm on Sundays only at the Grand Country Music Hall.
The Plummer Family Country Music Show started doing Reunion Shows and on Saturday, May 5, 2012 The Plummer Family will be their 6th annual Reunion Show at the Hamner Barber Theater on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway in Branson.
In 2011, Randy wrote an original Christmas Story called, SNOWDEER and released it on CD December 20, 2011. It is the story of a 7 year old buck whose Christmas wish is to pull Santa’s sleigh to deliver gifts to all the boys and girls and animals in the world. His friend, Plum Puddin’-named after Randy-goes about to help SNOWDEER get his wish. It is on Randy’s Plum Puddin’ Productions Records and also features 6 original newly recorded songs. SNOWDEER is in the works to become a Production Show during 2012’s Ozark Mountain Christmas in November & December
Randy’s goal is to keep the music coming and entertaining Folks who come to Branson as long as he can. He also wants to be a witness for Jesus and show Him to the world and reaching as many as he can.
Jeff Sallee  was born in Freeport, Texas a shrimping community about 56 miles south of Houston, and began performing a young age. His first performance was singing Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” in his Baptist Church one Sunday morning and it exploded from there, while in Freeport Jeff performed in many different groups, in 2000 he met his future wife Donna and moved to Nashville in August of that year, there he quickly joined the circle of musicians and began performing in the clubs on world famous “Lower Broadway”, it was in Nashville also that Jeff began to record, His first 3 albums were recorded there and are still popular sellers. In 2002 Jeff started to do a Tribute to his Idol Mr. Buck Owens as several Birthday Bashes were performed there, with special guests including former Buckaroo Doyle Holly and the Late Jack Greene, and George Riddle who performed with George Jones. In 2005 Jeff and his wife moved to Branson, MO where he continued to perform, and had his own show at the Branson Mall Theater in 2008, Jeff also performed with Norma Jean at her Cowboy Church and still keeps in touch with her today, Jeff also became good friends with the legendary Mickey Gilley. If you get to see Jeff perform you will not be sorry, he is one of the ones that keep this thing we call country music alive today.

James Marvell  Outlaws and Country Music have gone hand in hand for quite some time, but exactly where did it all begin? While most remember the big outlaw surge in the mid-70s by Waylon and Willie, The Country Cavaleers were years ahead. The long-haired anti-drug duo, James Marvell and Buddy Good, donned cowboy hats and shocked the country music community with their traditional country sound. Founding member, James Marvell’s musical career spans the genres of pop, country and gospel. His first taste of success came with his garage band, The Skopes in 1965. That teenage band also included, Buddy Good, the other founding member of The Country Cavaleers. With the assistance of manager/producer, John Centinaro, The Skopes released their first single, “She’s Got Bad Breath” on USA Records, but just as the song was catching on, it was banned by Scope for trademark infringement. That brush with success and a thirst for more, led James and Buddy to begin recording with the band Mercy. “Love Can Make You Happy” was a million-seller and Mercy found themselves ranking in Billboard’s Top 10 alongside the legends – The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra. Despite their success in the pop market, James began missing his early country music roots. At the age of 12, he learned to play guitar, eventually meeting Bobby Bare’s Uncle Johnny, who taught James about country music. However, during his formative teenage years, the pull to rock ‘n roll was too much and it led him down that musical path first, but his desire to play and sing country music returned as it did for his singing partner, Buddy Good. So the two musicians headed to Nashville, where they secured a recording deal with MGM Records and a booking agreement with Buddy Lee Attractions. However, when they got to Nashville, they didn’t conform to the conservative country music image of the time…they kept their long hair and modern outfits…added in cowboy hats and a traditional country music sound. With that contemporary look and traditional musical style – they met resistance from within the industry, but garnered the respect of fellow artists. As Grand Ole Opry Member, Jean Shepard stated, “In 1970, James & Buddy (The Country Cavaleers) had a style of music and appearance unlike anything at that time and in my opinion they were the first country music outlaws.” James continued his musical journey with solo recordings in the 80s and in the 90s found success in the Christian Country market with appearances on gospel networks CTN, TCT and TBN. Over the years, he also developed his talent as a jewelry designer selling his creations to legends such as Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Bill Monroe and Willie Nelson. Despite a musical career full of ups and downs and twists and turns, James Marvell has no regrets. His song, “Urban Cowboys, Outlaws & Cavaleers,” now in the Top 10 on the IndieWorld Country Chart continues a tradition he began a long time ago. Visit Lacy Jay Syler on FaceBook  CDBaby Visit  T Jae Christian  on  Universal Sound Records   Nashville Country Music   FaceBook  FaceBookPage    ReverbNation   iTunes   LinkIn   CDBaby

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