Break The Rules

Bobby Lowder, Axel from Norway and Bobby Pizazz Explore Commercial Radio AirPlay.

Songs by Lacy Jay Syler, Roy August and Bobby Pizazz

“I know 3 minutes is the goal of commercial music for radio…But Tell Me Why??? Just consider this: I just miss the days when an Artist could paint a bigger picture…Imagine if Michael Angelo could only paint on a 3″ x 5” canvas, how much would we have lost because of the limitation of size? My friend Chris Gantry once wrote “How Many CO-Painters do you know that became famous” #BREAKTHERULES Almost 8 minutes #RHYTHMTRAIN Enjoy the sounds…and IF CEO’s of Media Radio would allow this kind of Music again…they would win back their audience. ” Bobby Pizazz

Bobby has been involved in or around the entertainment industry for over 50 years. Mostly behind the scenes either directly or indirectly connected to financing many different projects as an executive producer or producer. During which time he started publishing companies, management companies, He has written several articles, books, screen plays and songs. His versatility ranges from entertainment to business operations.  He has served as an asset and business manager, performer, producer, publisher, and songwriter. “I have also worked for just over 22 years, in the film and television industry as an executive producer, producer directly involved with put together film television financing, by creating a capital corporation.” Other activities include serving as a director and trustee for several trusts dealing with humanitarian efforts around the world.

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Jarle “Axel” Nordahl, a full time husband and father of 5 who son is already a noted producer and engineer in Norway, he is a Trustee or Director for Union Brighter Group, Steel Horse Trust, South Hampton International Trust (SHIT) for short, Pyramid Foundation and Trust, he is also the Chairman of the Board, Trustee and Executive Director Yggdrasil Trust he serves on the board of 11 companies, at 40 he retired from a family business and gave up his job as a Vice President of Alcatel-Lucent is at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking. He spend much of his time either golfing or skiing the back trails. He lives outside of Oslo, with a forest in his back yard which he spends time exploring. The family has a sod covered cabin north of Lillyhammer no cell phone, no electricity shop wood for heat in August and it is where it never gets dark year around. Visit Jarle “Axel” Nordahl on Face Book

Lacy J. Syler Just turned 14 years old on September 2 , 2012 and tho she is very young, she’s ahead of her time as an artist. Lacy comes from a long line of country music entertainers. Her grand parents, Buck and Connie McCarty were on the country music road for many years. Lacy’s mother, JODI and her brother Matthew were raised on the bus and gave me, many great stories about the adventures they had growing up on the road. From the time Lacy was about four years old, they knew that little Lacy Was very gifted, as all she wanted to do was sing, and sing she could!! T Jae Christian

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Roy August ~ Fancy Free.  With 11,000+ songs written, Roy has had around 700 cuts. Many have Indie Hits by many different artists and charting worldwide in various genres. by various recording artists both independent and of national/international acclaim… 

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