Boomer Castleman

May 25, 2013

Boomer Castleman

Inventor: Bigsby PalmPedal, a steel guitar like string bending device for elec. & acoustic guitars (Nat’l Public Radio 7/16/00 Artist: The Lewis & Clarke Expedition (Colgems Records); “Judy Mae” solo artist, (Mums Records); “Summertime Blues” , solo artist (Cream Records); “Nashville Guitars, A Showcase of Nashville’s Hottest Guitar Players”, (Nuance/WB Records), Mr. Hyde (guitarist in rock band on Taxim Records); Personal Notes” (An instrumental CD on RLG Records). Music Director: The International Country Music Awards Show – A live Audio/Video production featuring top international artists. Tom Jones hosting.



Musician: Played of recording sessions for such Pop, Country, and R&B artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Vic Dana, Lola Folana, Kenny Rogers, Merilee Rush, Michael Martin Murphey, George Hamilton, Tammy Wynette, David Alan Coe, Johnny Rodriguez, George Jones, Dorsey Burnette, Johnny Paycheck, Patti Page, Johnny Lee, Roy Clark, Mel Tillis, Earl Scruggs, Trini Lopez, Dave Dudley, Hoyt Axton, Big Al Downing, Gerry Mulligan, and more. Live Performances: The White House, Washington DC December 29th, 2000; 2001 Super Blues Fest, San Diego; American Bandstand (One of only two artiststo perform live. The other was Jim Stafford); guitarist for flutist James Galway on the “Stranded in West Texas” show; Staff guitarist for the Smokey Mountain Steel Guitar Jamboree, Knoxville, TN (a yearly event). Background Vocalist: “In the Heat of the Night” (Oscar for best sound track, 1968); “I Dream of Jeannie”, “For Singles Only”, “The Tiger Makes Out”, guitarist on “Take This Job & Shove It” movie, “New Country”, “Christmas on the General Jackson”, The Graham Parsons Notebook” (Vocalist & Guitarist). Songwriter: Songs by Lyle Lovett, John Denver, The Monkees, George Hamilton IV, Ronnie Prophet, Chad Everett, Rusty Weir, Seldom Seen, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Michael Martin Murphey, BW Stevenson, Meri Wilson, and the TV shows “Bonanza” & “I Dream of Jeannie”. Producer: “Judy Mae” (Boomer Castleman, Mums Records); “Telephone Man” (Meri Wilson, BNA/GRT Records); “Say You Do”, (Bobby David, 20th Century Records); “Hollywood & Vine” (Kim Morrison, Malaco Records); “Just For You” (Ronnie Prophet, Cachet/TeeVee Records); “Peter the Meter Reader” (Meri Wilson WMOT Records); “Silent Partners (Rodney Lay, Sun Records); “Summertime Blues” (Boomer Castleman, Cream Records); “Internet Man”, “900 Song” (Meri Wilson WB/Giant Records); “Mr. Hyde” (Mr. Hyde, Taxim Records); “Personal Notes” (Boomer Castleman,RLG Records) Awards: Vocals on Quincy Jones Oscar winning soundtrack “In the Heat of the Night”; “Telephone Man” (Meri Wilson RIAA Certified gold record); “Just For You” (Ronnie Prophet CRIA Certified gold record); “Telephone Man” (Meri Wilson Ampex Golden Reel Award); “Just For You” Ronnie Prophet Ampex Golden Reel Award; “Telephone Man” (Meri Wilson UK Certified Silver); “Spotlight Guitar” (Boomer Castleman, Guitar Player Magazine June ’94); “Lick-of-the-month” (Boomer Castleman Guitar Player Magazine, March ’99); “Rock & Read” Magazine Boomer Castleman cover story). Organizations: NARAS, AFTRA, NARM, AF of M,CMA, AFIM Record Labels: owned BNA Records, a successful indy label; sold to BMG, 1993; Head of DeltaDisc Records A&R 1999; currently COO of Legend Records; also owns & operates Amria Records. Contact: Boomer Castleman, PO Box 120723, Nashville, TN 37212-0723; cell: 615-948-1009

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“Working Man Blues”    YouTube   cover by Boomer Castleman and Lois Hess, at Cowboy Kewl in Printers Alley in Nashville, Tennessee. Boomer and Lois rockin it out on a song by Merile Hagger June 30th 2012. Boomer puts on a high energy show along with his funny jokes, and Lois rocks it out on the drums. Lois is one of the best Nashville Drummers also one of the fastest I have seen.


 Judy Mae Vs. Murfreesboro on YouTube In 1975, Boomer Castleman released the single “Judy Mae,” about having sex with his fathers girlfriend. It was a minor hit, but caused an outrage in the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.. WGNS played the single with a warning, and invited the citizens of the town to call in & give their opinions of Boomer’s song.. Christian zealots & clueless teenagers call in, and it’s laughs-a-plenty! Swiped from the amazingly wonderful & brilliant “Industry Wannabes and Radio Anomalies” compilation that was passed around underground circles for ages, and released on Cd a few years ago. Totally worth tracking down!


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