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Bobby Pizazz Host of Give Me A Break Radio  “Hi Folks I’m Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/Songwriter Performing Artist, Host and Producer of GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Show, and I’m very honored to share the stage, on this show, with some of the Greatest Artists, Singer/Songwriters and Industry leaders on the Planet and with one of the best Up-Coming Artist and Songwriter in the world”



There is only one T. Graham Brown, and his uniqueness has made him one of the most enduringly popular singers performing today.He is a journeyman and songwriter whose blue-eyed soul sound defies musical boundaries. T. Graham Brown’s single “Wine Into Water” not only inspired the lives of countless individuals but went all the way to the top of the Christian Country Music chart and was awarded the number one independent music video of the year.

JIMMY JACK WHITAKER is an award-winning songwriter, artist, and producer.   2009 he was presented the prestigious ‘Ruby’ award by the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM) music awards in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lacy Jay Syler just turned 15 years old on September 2 , 2013 and tho she is very young, she’s ahead of her time as an artist. Lacy comes from a long line of country music entertainers.

Roy August With 11,000+ songs written, Roy has had around 700 cuts. Many have Indie Hits by many different artists and charting worldwide in various genres. by various recording artists both independent and of national/international acclaim… Roy August ~ Fancy Free.

T Jae Christian Due to his friendship, association and guidance of the legendary Producer, Owen Bradley , T. Jae has also become an outstanding producer. In the late 1980’s, as the music was going in a different direction,(no longer traditional country) he formed his own label (Universal Sound Records) to make an outlet for the many great older artist that were being cast aside for the new movement. 

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