Bobby G Rice

April 12, 2013

Bobby G Rice

Robert Gene Rice (born in Boscobel, Wisconsin) is an American country music singer-songwriter, known professionally as Bobby G. Rice. Between 1970 and 1988, Rice released nine albums and charted thirty songs on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. His biggest hit, “You Lay So Easy On My Mind,” went all the way to number 1 in 1973.



From the heartland of America, Bobby G. Rice first burst forth onto the music scene with a 1970 revival of the popular Jimmy Gilmore pop classic “Sugar Shack” and then Bruce Channel’s “Hey Baby”.

Born into a musical family with its own radio show, Bobby began performing publicly at an early age.  Later he decided to test his wings as a solo artist in his native Wisconsin.

He succeeded, however, beyond expectations: scoring nationally.  As a stylist, he proved especially adept in adding country flavor to spicy standards like “Lover Please”, “Mountain of Love” and  “Suspicion”

When “You Lay so Easy On My Mind” was introduced in late 1972, and was a hit for Bobby as well as several others.  “You Lay so Easy On My Mind” went on to be his first number one national chart record and was later recorded by such artists as Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Pat Boone, Andy Williams, David Houston, Jerry Springer and others.  Proving he was no “one-hit wonder”, he scored the next spring with another Top 10 tune “You Give Me You”.

He is that rare breed who shows us that, talent will win, by recording his initial hits on independent labels.  With his career in high gear, he followed through with more Top 10 singles, among them, “Write Me A Letter” and “Freda Comes Freda Goes”.  Country classics he has breathed new life into include, “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down”, “My Special Angel” and “Oh Baby Mine”.

Bobby G. Rice was the first major artist to record a song written by Teddy Gentry of “Alabama”.  The song was “I May Never Be Your Lover (But I‘ll Always Be Your Friend)”.

Despite such accomplishments, he has always been among the first to volunteer his talents for a benefit or worthy cause.   He remains the same, Bobby G. Rice, one step beyond ordinary entertainment.

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