GMAB First Show Don Mealer

The Grand PooBah  aka  Don Mealer

February 9, 2011  Bobby Pizazz and Co-Host Roguie Ray LaMontagne team up for the first time! 



The “Poobah is one of the greatest songwriters and entertainers that I’ve ever known… and he’s yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. -Willie Nelson Although You may not recognize the name Poobah, his name is well known amongst the Legends…”

There is so much that can be said about the man called “PooBah”. If you’re looking for the typical, cookie-cutter sounds of modern country radio with their meaningless lyrics and over-priced production – you’re not going to find it here.


PooBah sings what he writes – And what he writes is Real Life. Poobah has not sold out, nor has he played the “Game.” In his music, you’ll find brutal truth….whether good or bad.

His current single “Everybody Sang,” was written on the side of the road, after leaving the funeral ceremony of longtime friend, Johnny Cash.

One thing is for certain: Poobah is one of our Country’s Most Genuine talents, and his music will be around long after he is not.



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