Amanda Best

*AMANDA BEST:* Originally from New York City, Amanda moved to Nashville to write songs with the Grammy nominated Crew 22. She released her second CD “Mandarava” – a collection “Emotronic” Dance Songs and performed in Nashville clubs.

Currently in L.A, she writes jingles, wrote & recorded the radio theme for the Elese Coit show, wrote the movie theme for “Poison Ivy: The Secret Society, has songs on Lifetime & is broadcast worldwide. Her song Play of Love was also entered into NARAS consideration. Amanda performs in a wide variety of venues both solo and with several bands.
Southern California music-lovers can hear Amanda at Whiskey A-GoGo, on November 22nd, 8:30 – 9:00 PM, where she’ll open for E.G. Daily and other bands on the bill. Interested listeners may contact her for tickets.

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