100th Show Don Mealer ~ T Jae Christian ~ Lacy Jay Syler

November 29. 2013  Bobby Pizazz and Special Guests Don Mealer  ~ T Jae Christian ~ Featuring Music from Lacy Jay Syler

Thought provoking content by Don Mealer “The Grand Poo Bah” personal friends of Willie Nelson and the late Johnny Cash Fans Worldwide…”The ”Poobah is one of the greatest songwriters and entertainers that I’ve ever known… and he’s yet to be discovered by the rest of the world.” -Willie Nelson…Also T Jae Christian who learned from Legendary Owen Bradley how to make a record.



Don Mealer AKA The Grand PooBah
Don Mealer AKA The Grand PooBah

Don Mealer “The Grand Poo Bah”    The ”Poobah is one of the greatest songwriters and entertainers that I’ve ever known… and he’s yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. -Willie Nelson Although You may not recognize the name Poobah, his name is well known amongst the Legends…”

There is so much that can be said about the man called “PooBah”. If you’re looking for the typical, cookie-cutter sounds of modern country radio with their meaningless lyrics and over-priced production – you’re not going to find it here.

PooBah sings what he writes – And what he writes is Real Life. Poobah has not sold out, nor has he played the “Game.” In his music, you’ll find brutal truth….whether good or bad.

His current single “Everybody Sang,” was written on the side of the road, after leaving the funeral ceremony of longtime friend, Johnny Cash.

One thing is for certain: Poobah is one of our Country’s Most Genuine talents, and his music will be around long after he is not.

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T Jae Christian
T Jae Christian

T Jae Christian Like so may artists, T. Jae started his music career at an early age, and by the time he moved to Nashville, he was a seasoned entertainer, and on his way to becoming an established song writer. He put his performing aside for awhile to pursue writing and record production. Before long his songs were being recorded by such artist as: Roy Orbison, Nat Stucky, Charlie Pride, Jeanne Pruitt, T. Graham Brown, (blue grass great) Jimmy Martin, and many independents. Due to his friendship, association and guidance of the legendary Producer, Owen Bradley , T. Jae has also become an outstanding producer. In the late 1980’s, as the music was going in a different direction,(no longer traditional country) he formed his own label (Universal Sound Records) to make an outlet for the many great older artist that were being cast aside for the new movement. After establishing himself as a viable artist and producer in the European market place, he released such fine Indie artist as: Mary Lee, Pat Roden, Rick Sharp, Harley Cummins, Paul Alan coons Ralph Parker, Mindy Miller, and as of late, the great T. Graham Brown, who he is currently touring with and producing on Universal Sound Records.  T. Jae has performed with many great artist: George Jones, Buck Owens, Ray Price, Conway Twitty, Roy Acuff, Ferlin Husky, Jimmy Martin, Johnny Paycheck, lefty Frizzell, to name a few. He has toured Europe playing to sold out venues every place he performed. The European market has been great to T. Jae with awards such as: Artist and producer of the year, many #1 releases and albums of the year. In 2009, he recorded his first country gospel album, spawning four #1 singles, and a video (This Is Where Jesus Would Go) which was nominated in the top four with Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood, and Tracy Lawrence.T. Jae is quick to credit all his success To the great musicians, song writers, and fans around the world but most of all the DJ’S that really make the wheels turn, for it is they who get the music to the people! His new album, “I WISH I WAS HOME” has just been released in july 2012 which includes two Duets with T. Graham Brown. If you get a chance to come to any of his shows, he is most happy to meet and greet and spend time with his fans., so treat yourselves to a great show and fellowship.

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Lacy Jay Syler
Lacy Jay Syler

Lacy Jay Syler  just turned 15 years old on September 2 , 2013 and tho she is very young, she’s ahead of her time as an artist. Lacy comes from a long line of country music entertainers. Her grand parents, Buck and Connie McCarty were on the country music road for many years. Lacy’s mother, JODI and her brother Matthew were raised on the bus and gave me many great stories about the adventures they had growing up on the road. From the time Lacy was about four years old, they knew that little Lacy Was very gifted, as all she wanted to do was sing, and sing she could!! Being as I’ve known and been very close friends of this family for many years, and saw the love and how dedicated they were to coach and guide lacy, giving her all the benefits of their experience as artist, and when they decided that Lacy was ready to record her first album, and called on me to become her manager and producer, I was honored, because I knew I had a very special young lady to work with. She conducted herself in the studio like a seasoned pro, and took direction as good as anyone I’ve ever worked with and better than most. And we once again went to the well of the talent in this family, as her uncle Matthew wrote seven of the songs on her album, and all top notch! Lacy is dedicated to music, animals, and other children. She has her own horse’s and is an excellent rider. Lacy has already done many benefit shows for unfortunate children, and has been chosen as the star performer in THE TEDDY BEAR benefit and spokesperson for the Vanderbilt and St. Judes hospitals in early 2013. She’s also playing festivals, senior citizen centers, and doing many Live radio shows. To see this little Lady perform on stage is a real shot in the heart as she just sparkles like a DIAMOND IN THE SUNLITE! Any performer that will be on any show with Lacy Jay, had better be on top of their game, because this little ray of sunshine is a pure audience THIEF  She captures them from the first line of the first song and she’s pretty tired before they let her get off stage! They just can’t get enough of Lacy. Next stop is Europe, as I will be taking her on tour with my show in the near future. If you see us coming your way, Treat yourselves AND COME SEE LACY JAY SYLER, and yours truly (T. Jae Christian) will be trying to keep up!!!!!!!!!   Lacy has already had two first #1 chart topper with “THATS WHAT GIRLS DO” and “TROUBLEMAKER” from her new CD: “LIVING MY LIFE” and can be purchased at: CDBaby

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Bobby Pizazz "Roll the Windows Down Babe"
Bobby Pizazz

Nashville singer/songwriter Bobby Pizazz 
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